About me…

Hi there! Welcome to i doodle do…

This is my online scrap book. Of sorts. It’s a little bit of everything really.
Mostly, it will be a place I post photos of the things I’ve made. Because I’m proud – and because most of the things I make are gifts so they’re given away and this way I can remember them after they’re long gone.

I’m living in Kent, in the UK. I’m a girl who likes the simple things in life. ┬áNature astounds me and fills me with wonder so it makes sense that I live right between the countryside and the sea. The horizon looks so different from day to day and it’s inspiring that something so constant can be so varied.

As for this blog…
Most of my designs will be inspired by nature,
Most of the gifts I make will be inspired by the receiver,
Most of the photos I take will be because ‘I just had to’ &
EVERYTHING will be here because it makes me smile.

Enjoy x


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