What to do with curtain lining… #1

After finding some beige cotton fabric, in the form of old curtain lining hanging in a charity shop for the bargain price of £3, I set myself the challenge of making as many things as possible from it.

This is the first one… a wrap around knee length skirt

It was made for my best friend. Since she now (inconveniently) lives in Australia I realised a fitted skirt might arrive with her and not be a perfect fit. Hence the wrap around. It’s a clever type of skirt which allows for those deliciously skinny days but adapts well to long lunches out which involve a lot of eating. Yeay.
Not only is it the first item from the CL but it was also my first attempt at printing on fabric. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while and this seemed like the perfect time to try it out. I actually used ordinary printing inks but mixed them with a nifty product which makes inks suitable for fabric (I’d love to add a link here to let you know what I used but we’re in the process of moving and my printing kit is packed… watch this space).
Part of my i doodle do ethos is to keep things simple and when it comes to design and pattern I’m always aiming to use a limited colour palette. I’ll only use one colour in a block design with a black outline. This way the design will have the sense of being a coloured in ‘doodle’.
I love it when printing plates are slightly misaligned too so you’ll nearly always see this in my work. It’s a gentle antidote to the sharp, slick look of a lot of the things we see around us today. It’s a nod to the style of printing from the 1950′s which I love. The simple designs, limited colour palette and the (accidental) off set printing really appeal to me and have been a big influence in my doodling.

I didn’t want to over do the patterning so a few simple stamps here and there were enough to give it a personal touch. A few darts and a simple waist band later and ta-da – a wrap around skirt!

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