Bunting #1

This project started out as a Christmas gift for some of my ‘nearest & dearest’ who now live in Australia.

By December I am totally, and blissfully, lost to the cosiness of the long dark evenings. This makes it difficult for me to re-orientate my brain to choose Christmas gifts for those who live in a warm and distant climate. The home produce option goes right out the window (say goodbye to the sloe gin and chutney) and why, indeed, would they want such winter warmers when they’re likely to spend Christmas Day on a hot and sunny beach…?

So I began to think about summer gifts for them. And what better than the quintessentially British summer garden party for inspiration? With food and beverages out of the picture it meant accessories were the way to go and suddenly ‘bing’ – bunting was in my head.

I decided to be thrifty and went through my wardrobe and any woven cotton clothes I no longer wanted went into a ‘bunting’ pile. Being a bunting novice I wasn’t sure how much fabric I’d need and since I was after a broad spectrum of colours I visited the local charity shops and picked up a couple of extra items. Several evenings of frantic triangle cutting later and I was on to the next step of pinning and stitching to yards and yards of cotton tape. After hours of preparation it all comes together pretty quickly and ta-da – ‘bunting to go’!!

They turned out to be well received gifts. Items of mine that I had cut up were duly recognised and the memories, along with the love involved with hand-making the gift, reminded the Aussie part of my family how much they are loved and how much they are missed.


(Note to all potential bunting makers: a little bit of fabric goes a long way! I ended up making several other bunting garlands from the original stash of fabric!! But hey, doesn’t that make it all the more thrifty?)

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