A bag for a birthday


Well, what can I say, this is exactly what it’s says in the title…

Choosing fabrics for their texture and colour and combining them as a unique gift is a sure way to put a smile on my face. There really is nothing nicer than making a bespoke gift for someone…

A lovely light blue/grey linen outer hides a delicately patterned chocolate brown interior. I stitched an inner pocket and added a magnetic closing for a smidgen of security.

I also tried out some ‘doodling’ on the sewing machine by overstitching the felt shape. The style of ‘off setting’ the stroke and the main form is a style we saw a lot of in the ’50′s and I love the looseness this offers an item. It’s a style I really like and something I’m playing around with more with my print.

Any who, I digress. Gift made. Gift given. Gift (very happily) received. Yeay.

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