What to do with curtain lining… #2

So, option #2 is a shopping bag

Since it’s a fairly robust, yet light weight, linen I thought it would work as a fold away shopping bag. To increase it’s durability I stitched double seams – nobody wants their bag to split and to see their shopping cascading down the street…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not adverse to beige, but in this instance I thought a little splash of colour might be nice so I added a border of a similar weight cotton to the top of the bag.

There’s not much else to say really. It folds away into a neat little pocket-sized bundle and has a loop and button fastening. As ever, I have added a little idoodledo label. These are made by printing onto iron-on heat transfer paper which I iron onto white cotton (since I’m forever the thrifty crafter, these are the edges of old sheets) but I’ve just seen it is possible to buy printable cotton lawn fabric to put through desktop laser printers which sounds much better, as downside to using heat transfers is that there is always a little outline of the transfer paper around your design which can get a slight yellow tinge to it if you apply too much heat. It’s not been a problem for me as I leave quite a big border and sew the edges into the seams of the label. Since the transfer doesn’t just stop midway across the fabric it doesn’t show up. I’m definitely going to try printing straight to fabric next time though…

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